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American-Amicable Life Insurance Company of Texas and its affiliated companies can trace their history back to 1910. American-Amicable has approximately $5 billion of Life Insurance in force. It is one of the major life insurance companies in its markets. American-Amicable has a A- Excellent with A.M. Best.

American-Amicable offers innovative life insurance program plans which were developed to target the specific needs of production, wealth creation, and estate preservation. Because we offer several types of life insurance plans, our representatives can assist our clientele in developing a "customized" program to satisfy their unique needs. American-Amicable's total investment portfolio is well-diversified and provides a proper mix between risk and reward.

American-Amicable continues to grow and prosper and has consistently maintained its solid financial position. Historically anchored on a foundation of financial integrity and responsible management, American-Amicable looks to the future with great enthusiasm.


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arrow American-Amicable's EASY TERM!
Insurance if you need...Death Benefit, Critical Illness, Disability Income). Assurance if you don't...(Return of Premiums)

  • "Non-Med" $250,000 to age 70 Term
  • No Blood, No Urine, No Paramed
  • Jet Issued in 2 to 3 days
10-Year Issue Ages 18-70
20-Year Issue Ages 18-65
30-Year Issue Ages 18-55, age nearest birthday
  • Face amounts $25,000 to $250,000 
  • No policy fee
  • No proof of mortgage required
  • Short 5 question application; up to 4 tables issued standard
  • Superb Disability Income with 60 Day Elimination, Critical Illness, WP, ADB, and Child Term Riders
  • Free Business Cards. All you have to do is sign up with R.F.S. Today! 

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arrow EZ Issue Whole Life & Final Expense for All Ages and All Health Conditions.

  • Family Solution Ages 0 to 49 for the Healthy and the NOT-So-Healthy Client. (Click Here for the Prices)
  • Golden Solution Ages 50 to 85, for ALL Health Conditions. Grandchild Rider Available. (Click Here for the Prices)
  • Golden Guarantee – NO QUESTIONS ASKED GUARANTEED ISSUE! Only Available in N.C., S.C., N.J., and Maryland
  • We now have a “no cost” confined care benefit provided on all final expense policies. This benefit provides a fixed monthly payment equal to 2.5% of the policy face amount if your client is confined to a Nursing Home.
  • Check out our Great Grandchild rider!!! It works just like the Grandchild rider and provides $5,000 coverage on each great grandchild issued ages 180 days to 15 years old with coverage through age 20. Plus, it is convertible up to $25,000 without evidence of insurability!! All this for only $12.00 per year per great grandchild!! And don’t forget that it provides paid up life insurance coverage (on immediate and graded plans only) in the event of the primary insured’s death.) Great Grandchild rider is not available on the age 0-49 plan.
  • Don’t forget about the Children’s Insurance Agreement (CIA), out very popular Children’s rider! This rider provides $3,000 per unit of level term insurance on each child (max 3 units/ $9000 on 0-49 plan, and max 2 units/$6000 on 50-85 plan) and is issued on children ages 15 days to 18 years old. All children in the family are covered for one low premium!! Plus the coverage is good through each child’s ages 25 and is convertible up to $45,000 on 0-49 plan, and $30,000 on 50-85 plan without evidence of insurability. All this for the low cost of only $8.50 annually per unit.
  • Last but certainly not least!!! Did you know that we do not consider the “occasional cigar and pipe smoker” as a tobacco risk? That’s right!! Individuals that only occasionally smoke cigar or use a tobacco pipe are now considered non tobacco on our Final Expense Plans.  
Great News

Now up to $300,000!

Simplified Issue Universal Life - Easy UL
Here are some highlights of the Easy UL:
• 15 year No Lapse Guarantee
• Short, Fast application process
• Non-Med through $300,000 (NO Para-Med, NO Blood, NO Urine)
• Face amounts $10,000 to $300,000
• Standard to table 4 (Accept/Reject)
• Great illustration software
Check out these NO Cost Benefits:
• Terminal Illness Rider
• Confined Care Rider
Plus we have some fantastic riders!
• Our very popular Disability Income Rider is available up to $1500 per month!
• Our ultra competitive Child Rider - One low premium covers all kids (15 days -
17 years) up to $15,000 to age 25 and convertible up to 5 times or $75,000
regardless of health!!!
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